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Thank you so much for a smooth and very successful day. The feedback I am continuing to get is very positive. I have attached the photos I took while you were here. Additionally, I did receive the receipt a few minutes ago. I can't thank you enough for such a great experience and I look forward to working with you again in the future!

Please let me know if you need anything in the future from us at Capital One or from me personally. Thanks again.

Rob N. – Capital One Fast Floor Response Team (In Response to serving 90 employees in 4 hours with the Laughing Heart Chair Massage Team)

"Over the years, I have enjoyed many massage sessions of all kinds. My sessions with Robert, however, surpass anything I've known. He is prompt, courteous and respectful and, perhaps most important, a wonderful masseuse who intuitively knows where to focus his energy. I am always refreshed, and grateful for his skill and his caring." - Diane C.

"I HIGHLY recommend Robert at Laughing Heart Message. Your heart as well as your body are laughing after a session, as you are relaxed and pain free. - John F. 

When I first saw Robert I was skeptical. I work on my feet 8+ hours a day, physical labor and at a desk in an office another 20+ hours a week. My body was a mess and I had developed a Tennis Elbow that was excruciating due to physical labor, as well as an all over feeling of malaise.

Robert has a wonderful calming aura about him, which enables you to relax. After my first session, not only did I feel a huge amount of pain relief but I also felt more balanced. I had to wait and extra 15 minutes after my session, as I was a bit too relaxed to drive.

No doctors or chiropractors have been able to relieve my pain as Robert at Laughing Heart has. I recommend Robert, even if you or a loved one, friend or co-worker does not have any pain, but just need to have a quiet relaxing message. You will feel like a new person, mentally and physically when you leave." - Susan G.

"Nothing is better than a session with Robert. I may walk in feeling tense and tight but I always leave feeling relaxed and renewed. As far as I can tell he's a master at what he does. My search for a massage therapist need go no further!" - Claudia M.

"Robert king gave me an excellent massage, very professional, I highly recommend Robert for a great massage." - Nelson B.

"Robert is simply one of the best massage therapists I have ever had. I travel quite a bit and have had massages everywhere. I would put his skills up with any massages I have had at even the highest 5 star hotels I have been to." - Samantha L.

"As a woman of 70 with many responsibilities, I sought massage therapy for relaxation, reduction of stress, and better health. From the first experience through today (four months later), I have experienced ongoing and lasting results sue to Robert King's expertise and tailoring of therapeutic techniques to my specific needs. His skills and professionalism are second to none." - Carol M.

"Robert is a gifted therapist. I have had an injured shoulder for several years that has defied various healing modalities. In just a few treatments, Robert restored 90% of my shoulder's mobility and significantly reduced the pain. I highly recommend Laughing Heart Massage." - Theresa M.

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